Top Eating Mistakes that Can Sabotage Healthy Lifestyle

21 Mar

Everyone wants to be healthy; that is given. However, not everyone can resist temptation when it comes to food.

If you are trying to live healthily this year – turning away from vices or bad habits – you should create a daily health plan. Also, for a completely healthy lifestyle, you should avoid these top eating mistakes than can sabotage your health plan.

#1: Not eating breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal of the day. If you want to live healthily, you shouldn’t skip eating your breakfast no matter how busy you are. Moreover, when you call a meal healthy, it should be healthy. Do not just settle eating a piece of bread and coffee or a bowl of cereal. Eat heartily in the morning with the right and healthy food.

#2: Eating the same food almost every day

One of the common mistakes when dieting is eating the same meal all the time – greens and fruits. That is not healthy. Although technically, green leafy vegetable present on your salad and some fruits are indeed healthy, still, it is not enough. Eating a salad every meal to lose weight is not healthy; it is like eating a cheeseburger without the patty when the patty is an important ingredient.

If you want to eat healthily don’t deprive yourself from eating varieties of food each day; however, you should create a diet plan that includes meat, seafood, vegetable, fruits, and more. Also, make sure to follow the recommended calorie intake.

#3: Eating too much and eating too little

Yes; you read it right.

One of the common mistakes when it comes to food consumption is either eating too much or eating too little. If you want to live healthily, you should eat according to the recommended calorie intake, which is for women should be at 2,000 calories and 2,500 calories for men per day.

Eating too much is not healthy and so does eating too little.

#4: Relying too much on vitamins and supplement

To boost your health, you shouldn’t rely too much on vitamins and supplements; instead eat the right food – veggies, meat, and fruits.

These vitamins and supplements are formulated not to replace the right food with natural existing vitamins but to supplement what is lacking on your current diet.

#5: Consuming food too fast

Slow down when you eat.

Eating is not a battle in the field; instead, you should eat slowly to avoid aspiration from eating and to ensure that the nutrients are well-broken down to every part of the body. Eating too fast can cause the following:

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Choking
  • Gastritis

So, make sure to eat at the right speed.

Final Thoughts

Living a healthy life is not easy; there are a lot of things to consider, including eating the right food. Right food means it should be healthy and balanced.

Stay positive; this is one of the best things you can do when you are in a strict diet.

What You Need to Know about Dating

30 Nov

If you haven’t entered the world of dating just yet but you are about to, please prepare for a ride that is going to be fun, annoying, scary, sad, happy nerve wracking and frustrating. The process is a roller coaster that you will love or hate, depending on the situation but as long as you play it smart, you have the chance to love it more than you hate it. There are a few things that you should know about dating before you really get a taste of this world and we would like to share those with you. Check them out and we know that things will turn out to be just great.

1. Set standards, but not too high. Don’t be overly picky. Of course that you deserve the best but the dream guy in your head might not exist in reality. If you set standards that cannot be reached in reality, then you will only experience disappointments.

2. The dream guy might not be in your favorite coffee shop. Of course that the perfect scenario for finding Mr. Right is to meet him in a coffee shop. Well, he might be at the supermarket or at the laundry shop, doing his laundry, just like a typical Mr. Right would do when he’s not in coffee shops. It is all right to be romantic but things might not happen the way you dream them to. Of course, there is a possibility for this to turn out exactly how you pictured it but also consider other options.

3. Learn when to say ‘’I Love You’’. There is a time that is just right for saying the three magic words and if you say them too early, you might scare him, no matter how much he likes you. Learn that sometimes, ‘’I love you’’ can also break a relationship instead of making it.

4. Google someone before you date him. You can’t imagine how much precious information Google can hide, so take advantage of this to the fullest. You might not even want to go on that first date after reading the information that Google will share.

5. Some exes will deserve your friendship, others won’t. Learn how to make the difference because it will save you from a lot of unpleasant situations.

6. Bad breakups will be hard for a while but they will help you become a better, stronger person. You just have to get the learning curve from each of these bad breakups.

7. Don’t open your heart from the very first date. You don’t yet know to whom you are doing this, so it is best to protect yourself. Yes, the person might deserve you opening up but he might be a douche. Figure that out before you start putting your life on the wall.

Dating can be hard but it will also be fun and exciting. Of course, you need just a bit of luck in order to avoid bad experience but if they happen, take them as teaching lessons and nothing more.

Relationship Goals You Should Experience

30 Nov

Relationships. Can’t do with them, can’t do without them. We all have them and we all realized how hard they are. However, given their beauty, they are worth the risk and the effort. If you’re quite new to relationships and still learning, this article will teach you a bit more about the goals and the stages that any relationship should go through in order to become strong, healthy and successful. Try to apply these in your relationship and you will see that things will turn out just right.

1. Infatuation- It might sound a bit mischievous but this is the stage that we all enjoy. It is that stage at which you feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart beats a bit faster each time your phone rings. It is fun, it is exciting and you should submerse in it.

2. Disturbance- This is an unpleasant but very normal stage and we all have to go through it if we want to grow. It is the stage during which you return to your routine and normal life sets back in. it is the stage at which you get annoyed by little, unimportant things such as how your partner chews, for example. This is a learning stage for the both of you, as you have to learn how to accept each other, how not to disturb each other and how to stay kind to one another. It is a stage that will help you tremendously grow as a couple.

3. Changing- This is another stage that every single couple goes through. Sometimes there is only one of the partner who experiences some changes, other times there is one partner who asks the other one to do it. Of course that this brings tension and issues in the relationship and if you manage to make it through, then you’re in a good place with high hopes for a long future together.

4. No lies- A strong, healthy relationship is one that you keep simple and one in which there are no lies involved. Learn to honestly talk about anything, big or small and you’ll experience the positive effects.

5. Have fun together- Serious conversations are important and necessary but it is also important to have fun once in a while. Just the two of you. Be silly, tell jokes and play games; this will help you both be happy. You don’t have to be emotional or romantic all the time. There are other feelings and emotions to experience and having simple, genuine fun is one of them.

Learn to set expectations around these goals and you’ll see your relationship growing up nicely. Keep a steady pace and you will both feel like you are, indeed, growing, not just ticking steps at a speed that doesn’t suit you both. Relationships are about compromises and difficult moments but they are also the ones which will bring you the best memories in life. Learn to handle yours with honesty and sensibility and you’ll get far.